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Please note that massage sessions are not available with me at the moment....

Unfortunately, i'm not taking bookings for massage treatments at the moment but please do consider looking at my ThetaHealing® page.   This therapy can assist you with mental, emotional and physical issues.  

Therapeutic Massage

A massage session will focus on relieving pain and discomfort, helping you feel more comfortable within yourself by dealing with daily aches and pains of muscle over use, structural issues, trauma or chronic pain.

Techniques I will incorporate into a session may include:

     - Myofascial Release (MFR)

     - Trigger Point Therapy

     - Deep Tissue

     - Thai Massage

     - Stretching

     - Chinese Fire Cupping

A Few examples of what my massage can help you with are:

     - Neck and back pain

     - Headaches

     - Jaw (TMJ) issues

     - Carpal tunnel syndrome

     - Wrist and arm pain

     - Repetitive strain injury (RSI)

     - Stress

     - Frozen shoulder

     - Hip issues

     - Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

     - Slipped or bulging disc

     - Period pains

     - Sciatica

     - Scar tissue, internal and external

I’m often asked how many sessions will be needed. This entirely depends on the condition being addressed. One session may be sufficient, however, if a condition is chronic or long term, more sessions will be required.

Myofascial Release Massage (MFR)

This is a specific type of massage which works with the connective tissue, fascia, which runs throughout the body. Overuse, trauma and inactivity can result in the fascia becoming restricted or stuck, often resulting in pain, muscle tension or restricted movement. MFR can reverse these effects, reduce pain, improve flexibility and range of motion. It can also reduce the appearance and effects of internal and external scar tissue.

​Chinese Fire Cupping

This can be a treatment by itself or incorporated into a massage session. It uses suction created by a vacuum in glass cups with draws the muscle and tissue upwards creating space for increased blood flow and relieving muscle tension. The benefits of this treatment are to relieve muscle ache, release the connective tissue (fascia), to stimulate blood and lymph flow and to induce deep relaxation. This treatment may leave reddened areas or light bruising on the body, these may last a few days or up to a week depending on the treatment.

Current Massage Information

At the moment, I am able to take bookings for massage but with a few changes in place.  

Please take a look at the following information before you book a session to make sure you fully understand the new procedures and are ok with them all.

If you have any questions in regards to a potential session, please feel free to get in touch.

For a reply, I ask you to please check your spam folder - just in case any reply goes astray.

Thank you,


(Updated 07/08/20)

How’s it going to work for now?

- Right now, time is a little more restricted for a session I’m afraid. You can still book the equivalent of a 1 hour session but this will include 45 minutes in the treatment room and a call within 24 hours of your appointment to discuss what we’re going to be working on for you that day. The reason for this is to reduce any face-to-face contact where possible.

- During our phone consultation, I will be asking you some health questions related to the current situation. There may be underlying symptoms which you may be experiencing but are not aware of as being an issue when it comes to receiving treatments. I need to make sure I’m keeping you as safe as I can at all times

- I am required to keep a record for Trace and Protect of your details (name, date and time of visit, contact number (alternatively your email or postal address). This information will then be securely stored and disposed of after 21 days in line with GDPR guidelines

- As things stand at the moment, I won’t be able to offer any TMJ (jaw) work or face massage at the moment and the majority of the session, where possible, will be face down or side-lying, again, this is to reduce the face-to-face contact

- I’m also asking for payment to be made in advance of the session please by bank transfer or via my website paypal link to reduce contamination risks as far as possible. If this could be made in advance of our session that would be very much appreciated. If there’s any issue with this, please do let me know and we can look at alternatives. Please note that I have had to increase my prices slightly so a 1 hour massage session will be £55. Please contact me for bank transfer details

What am I doing to keep you safe?

- I will be greeting you in a very fashionable face mask, probably a visor and possibly an apron! I’ll also be armed with hand sanitiser but of course or there will be a sanitiser available at the clinic entrance. There’s hand washing facilities available if this is preferable

- The usual linens are changing so I will be replacing coverings where possible with waterproof / wipeable materials which will be sanitised between each session

- I’ll be using a fresh sheet for each session which will be laundered at 60◦ C after each use or the sheet will be disposable

- I'll also be changing t-shirt or using a clean apron for each new session

- Appointments will be well spaced out to allow for the room to be fully sanitised and ventilated between each session and to avoid cross overs with other clients

- If during our phone consultation you become aware of symptoms of COVID-19 or post-COVID symptoms which would suggest you shouldn’t receive a treatment, there will be no cancellation fee

- As things stand at the moment, I will also be carrying out your massage wearing latex free gloves (clean for the beginning of each new session of course)

What am I asking you to do to help me keep you safe?

- There won’t be any waiting room available at the moment so can I please ask you to arrive as close to your appointment time as possible as I can only let you into the clinic at the appointment time. Please don’t bring another person with you as I won’t be able to offer them anywhere to wait right now

- I’ll be checking the door for you arriving so please don’t ring any door bells. Again, this is a sanitising issue

- Water! You know how important it is to have a drink of water after your treatment so please take a bottle of water with you to then take away afterwards. Unfortunately I can’t offer you any drinks at the moment

- Masks! Unless you have a particular reason not to, please do don your lovely choice of face mask before entering the clinic. Ideally, you will keep this on the entirety of your visit but if it causes issued during treatment this can be discussed

- I ask that you please remove all jewellery before arriving for your appointment. Even if this is putting it in your pocket and take as few possessions with you as possible. If you’re taking a car, please also leave any jackets in your car

- If you are considered as high risk as identified by current Government guidelines, please do discuss this with me (please see the list at the end of this document)

And finally

- I know this is a lot of information – trust me, I know! However it is all necessary for treatments to take place right now and I want you to be fully informed before you consider booking a session or arriving for your treatment.

I am following all local Government guidelines and those of my official governing body (MTI) in order to safely carry out sessions in the best way I can. It’s all new, it’s all unusual, I may be dressed like Darth Vader but, I’m sure we’ll all get used to it (probably just in-time for it all to change again!)

- If you have any questions or concerns, please do get in touch

Current list of RED FLAG health issues who may require a referral from GP

• Those who have been / are shielding or living with vulnerable family members

• Front line NHS staff & carers

• Anyone currently receiving treatment for cancer, any serious lung condition, anyone recently post-operative

• Experiencing severe post COVID-19 circulatory complications – DVT, micro-embolisms, CVA or PE

• Aged 70 years or older

• Pregnancy

• Mild heart & respiratory conditions and / or suppressed immune systems

• Diabetes

• BMI over 39

• Anyone who has been in contact with someone with COVIC-19

• A full current and comprehensive list can be found at:

What our customers are saying

As a little boy, I had a head injury that took away the function of my right arm and left me with a ghastly limp. I got all the feelings back, but by that point a tricky thing called atrophy had set in, so I was never able to relearn my hand and the limp gave me a curved spine, scoliosis. But twenty-nine years later, I ended up on Vicky's table for tendinitis, and when she asked if she could look at the rest of me, something clicked. As Vicky's worked on me, she's been able to do some amazing things: everything's coming back.

As I'm writing this now, my spine is straightening, and so scoliosis has effectively vanished. My knee is flexible again, so I'll relearn how to walk. My right hand is open again, and so I'm strengthening everything so I can use it again.

I'd recommend Vicky and massage therapy in general to absolutely anyone, especially to those in unfortunate circumstances similar to mine.

It seems anything is possible.

- Dan Haycraft