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My Thoughts...

These are a few of my thoughts I'd like to share with you.

What's on your horizon?

24 November 2016

With the New Year approaching, what's on your horizon? Is it maybe a new job, a new home, a new relationship or something like a new hobby or activity?

What is that thing you've always wanted to do / learn / change / achieve? Think how great it would be to go into 2017 with the intention of making that thing happen.

What first step would you need to take to get that little bit closer to bringing it into your life? It might be something as simple as starting with an internet search to see what's out there or it might be making that phone call you've been putting off to the expert who'll help you move towards that goal.

If it's a professional you need, engage their services, think of those long term benefits. If it's a new activity or class you want to try but would like a bit of company, ask your friends if they fancy it too. You never know, they may be thinking exactly the same thing or be inspired by your enthusiasm and ideas.

Don't get to the end of another year wishing you'd just taken that action to do something that'll enhance and bring joy into your life.

This time two years ago, a friend and I started a search for dance classes and by the end of January I was already hooked! It's brought a whole new dimension to my life. A new activity that's a heck of a lot more exciting than going to the gym and definitely more fun! It's opened up a world of socialising events I had no idea even existed and I've met the most amazing people who are diverse, friendly and most of all - fun!!

Do it. You never know what fantastic things it'll bring to your life.

Reflections and Gratitude

8 March 2017

I’ve found the beginning of this year to be a time for 16reflection. Remembering loved ones no longer here, questioning health, questioning what drives me and what my passions are now.

I’ve found myself to be – not quite my usual self, stuck a bit in the past and generally kind of negative about life which isn’t my norm and not a place I like to be!

In need of a dose of positivity, I bought “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne and it seems to have given me the boost I needed to get back to living my life from a place of gratitude……

Grateful for the loved ones who’ve passed for ever being part of my life at all because they were such amazing and loving individuals who made a massive impact on me and my life

Grateful that I do generally enjoy good health and am able to get from place to place independently

Grateful for the fact that I do waken up each day with the potential for wonderful things to happen in each and every one

Grateful that I have a home with clean, hot and cold running water, heating and food in the cupboards

Grateful that I have a job that I love

Apparently and wonderfully, it would seem that my gratitude list is pretty much endless!

Take some time today to think about the people and things in your life you’re grateful for no matter how big or small.

Food - how do you feel about it?

March 15, 2018

Food – how you do you feel about it?

Think about your families’ attitude towards food.... then think about your attitude towards food.... do you recognize the same behaviours, thoughts, wording, patterns in your approach to food, what and how you eat? Have you ever thought about how embedded in the language terminology we use is in our genetics and learned behaviours?

If there's free food on offer, do you take it because you're hungry, feel like you're treating yourself, is it something you wouldn’t normally have or is it because there's something in you that says "it's free, I have to"?

When you're hungry do you say "I’m hungry" or "I’m starving"? If it's the latter where does that come from because chances are - you're not actually starving are you?!

Do you or family members possibly come from a culture where generally for people there really is still a feeling of lack? Did your ancestors possibly struggle to obtain food for their family? Or do you have family members who lived through the war time and had to live on rations? These thoughts and behaviours get passed on but aren’t always lessons which are helpful or applicable to us today.

If you're conscious of eating things that are maybe not the healthiest choice what do you say or think as you eat it? How do you feel about eating it? Is there an element of guilt or justification? You could choose to either not eat it or allow yourself to just have it and enjoy it. Maybe you'll choose to have a bit less than you would normally but enjoy it! Who wants to eat a big slice of guilt?! That energy of how you feel and what you think about your food goes into the food, into your body, into your energy. Your food will taste so much better if you feel gratitude towards it, you'll probably need less of it to feel satisfied and might even find yourself making healthier choices.

Take some time in the next few days to be aware of how you talk about food. Are there conscious changes you could make to this? Could you maybe bring in some more gratitude for where it's come from, the effort and how many people it's taken for this wonderfully nutritious and tasty food to be so wonderfully available to you? We're incredibly lucky to have access to the variety and abundance of food we do at this time. Treat it with gratitude and joy!

If you’d like some help with your behaviours and attitude towards food try a ThetaHealing® session with me.

The words we use....

22 March 2017

How often do you truly hear the words you use in your day to day interactions and conversations?

Do you start your conversations with a positive tone or do you tend to complain about the weather?

Think about how a negative, downbeat conversation leaves you feeling..... maybe a bit low, a bit less enthusiastic than before, lacking in energy whereas before you were having a great day. Then think about how you feel after a cheery, happy conversation ....... do you come away from the chat with a smile on your face, feeling positive, feeling enthused with ideas or with more of a skip in your step?

How do you respond when someone asks how you are? Do you say something like "oh not bad" or "fine"....... how do you think people would react if you replied "I'm fabulous!"? How would you react if someone replied that to you? When I think about that reply it instantly puts a smile on my face and makes me think - that's someone I want to spend time with, instant mood lift!

Who do you want to be.... the person whose day was "not bad" or the person whose day is "fabulous"?

If you need a little nudge towards the positive side of life maybe book in for a Theta Healing® session with me.

Our amazing bodies

29 March 2017

How amazing are our bodies!

I'm always amused at people's reactions to hearing I'm a massage therapist. Nearly every time, their hand goes straight to their neck or the part of their body that's sore. They unconsciously realise where their tensions, aches and pains are but hadn't really acknowledged it till that second - I'll bet they don't even realise they're doing it. I'm sure I do the same!

We've got so good at ignoring the signs our bodies send us, become deaf to the messages these aches and pains are sending. There's always a reason! It might be physical, it might be mental, it might be emotional but there's always a reason. Have we become too busy to listen?

Our bodies are amazing! They take us from a newborn to a yappy, gurgling, smiling and exploring toddler to a challenging and boundary seeking teenager to an adult with responsibilities and opportunities to take on exciting adventures. And in that time we test our bodies, we sometimes break it or damage it but it does an amazing job of healing, bouncing back, carrying us through this journey, takes us places we thought we'd never go, helps us achieve ambitions we never thought we'd come to realise. Sometimes though it might need a listening ear or a little help along the way. Do you know the best way to do this? Do you know others who could help you tune into these signals, aches and pains? Do you even know where to start?

It could be that your body just needs some TLC in the form of a massage or maybe someone to talk to who’ll help you make sense of the emotions and fears locked up in your body ready to be released.

Look after your body, hopefully you'll need it for quite a while.....

Which therapy is right for me?

20 April 2017

Which therapy is right for me?

With there being so many wonderful therapies available to us at this time, it can be a bit daunting deciding which one to pick. Maybe what you need is a combination of treatments?

Therapeutic massage can be an amazing effective treatment by itself but can also be a complimentary therapy to other modalities.

All the bits of your body, all your bones, your muscles, your brain, your hormones, your emotions, your feet, your arms, your organs, your energy, your head….. all of these things join up to make one complete and original you. It could be that one form of therapy only deals with one aspect of what’s going on and maybe you just need a little bit more.

You may be seeing a chiropractor, osteopath, acupuncture, physiotherapist, counsellor or energy worker but they can all work together depending on what you’ve got going on.

I frequently see clients who benefit from a combination of the treatments I offer such as massage and Theta Healing® together. It’s amazing to deal with the emotional struggles we want to clear to then have a massage to help the body release any residual negative energies. I also refer clients to other therapists if I feel it will benefit them and offer them that choice.

Ask your therapist if any other treatments would benefit your treatment or recovery.

When do you book a massage?

27 April 2017

When do you book a massage?

Do you find yourself booking a massage when you realise you needed it yesterday!?

Do you have a job or hobby which is physically demanding? This could be sitting at a desk all day, working in a high stress environment, doing lots of heavy lifting, travelling a lot of the time, gardening, a sport activity or dancing? You may be training for a physically demanding activity such as a marathon, a challenging bike ride, a trek or an Iron Man competition?

If you know this situation is going to continue, maybe you just need to keep in touch with your body and keep on top of the stresses and strains to prevent chronic and urgent conditions.

A massage maintenance programme is ideal for us all if you can manage it and may mean less time away from that job or activity if it means your reduce the risk of injury.

A massage session could identify any issues in the body before they get to that high level and offer you advice on reducing the risk of injury, posture or self-help stretches.

How flexible are you in your life?

22 May 2017

How flexible are you in your life?

Do you run a tight ship with each minute of each day planned and accounted for?

Do you have a regular routine to your day, week, month?

While routine and familiarity works for a lot of people, what do you think would happen if you switched it up a bit? Took a day off with no set plans? Took a different route home from work? Finally meet that friend you’ve been trying to catch up with for months? What new, unplanned, wonderful and joyful experiences might flow into your life?

You might discover an amazing new restaurant…… You might find that present you’d been hunting for in all the usual places but weren’t finding the right thing….. you might go see a film that you weren’t too interested in but ends up filling you with joy and inspiration….. you might bump into someone who changes your life.

What amazing people might you meet that otherwise would not have crossed your path?

Is it time for you to shake things up a bit?

Why would I need to stretch?

30 May 2017

Stretching improves your body posture, creates an awareness of what each movement and action does to our body, improves circulation, can increase energy levels, reduce stress levels and of course relieve pain and discomfort.

Tight and stiff muscles can limit our normal range of movement and that lack of flexibility can contribute to muscle and joint pain in the form of chronic pain, reduced range of motion, reduced blood circulation, reduce the muscles healing process and can cause injury.

You don’t have to be involved in a sporting activity to need to benefit from stretching, it can be everyday life too. The way we sit, walk, lift children, our posture, hobbies and stress levels can also affect our muscles.

What is it that physically affects our muscles?

Repeated physical motions, improper use of muscles, heightened levels of stress, our nutritional intake and hydration all affect our muscles in different ways.

If you’re lacking in a nutrient such as magnesium, you may experience increased levels of muscle aches and cramping, general fatigue, low mood or poor sleep. Magnesium also helps with our detoxification which rids the body of excess waste build up in the tissues.

If you’re dehydrated then you may reduce the lubrication to joints, muscles and surrounding tissue. This may lead to deterioration of cartilage and friction of the tissue fibres. Water also allows the build of toxins to be removed from the body. If a therapist advises you to drink water after a session, this it to both encourage all the toxins which have been released from the muscles to leave the body and to plump up and re-hydrate all those tissues which have just been worked on and encourage them to function at their best.

There are various types of stretching, two of which are:

The static stretch where you place your body to create tension in a muscle or muscle group. Each stretch should be held for at least 15 seconds. I’ll often advise clients which stretches they can do at home to facilitate their healing process and for general self-help.

The passive stretch is similar to the static stretch but is done using another person or piece of apparatus to take that stretch slightly further. I frequently incorporate these in my massage sessions to enhance and increase the benefits of a session.

Should I stretch before exercise?

Yes, after a gentle warm up, stretching will increase muscle and tendon flexibility, increase range of movement and reduce the risk of injury.

Should I stretch after exercise?

Yes. This will aid the recovery of the muscles, lengthen muscles and tendons, help them get rid of waste products from the tissue, promote oxygen, nutrient and water intake to the tissue and reduce muscle ache.

How do I stretch effectively and safely?

Only take a stretch as far as is comfortable. If you don’t get as far as you’d like the first time, this will improve with each stretch you do. If you overstretch you risk injury.

Incorporate slow deep breaths which will help your muscles relax and absorb oxygen. Take a deep breath in and as you breath out, allow your body to ease into or out of each stretch.

Hold each stretch for a minimum of 15 seconds. This encourages your muscle to lengthen and settle at it’s natural state rather than the compressed and tight condition it’s become used to. After the 15 seconds, it gives up trying to fight back and gives into a nice relaxed stretch. Ideally you should repeat this at least 3 times.

NEVER bounce in a stretch. This will probably result in an overstretch and can result in an injury.

I just want a coffee!

29 June 2017

Do you have days when you order a coffee and you get bombarded with “do you want this kind, this kind or this kind?” and want to reply – “I just want a coffee!”….. or is that just me?

At times, our lives can feel full of constant choices and decisions. While we are incredibly lucky to live in a time where so many choices in all aspects of our lives are so readily available to us, sometimes it can be a bit much and a bit overwhelming.

Maybe now and then we need to take the time to take a conscious step back and take a look at everything that’s going on in our lives. Does each aspect of your daily life feel like it truly “fits” with you? Is it fun, enjoyable, easy, does it make you happy? Is it really benefitting you and your life? If not then maybe it’s something that you could let go of?

Is it a behavioural pattern, an activity, a relationship, a job, a piece of clothing or a routine?

If our lives and minds are scattered and focusing on too many things at once then maybe we lose focus in the things that really matter.

I know I’ve done this all too frequently in the past but am hoping that I’m now much more consciously aware of when I’m at this “too much point”. I know that if I focus too much on the social side of my life, I tend to lose focus in the work side of things. If I try to cover too many locations in my work, I become unfocused and don’t fully commit to any of them. I know that if I take on too many outside responsibilities and duties I stop focusing on what’s good and healthy for me.

Whilst I need variety in my life, I do need a healthy equilibrium and the clarity of mind to focus.

When things flow easily into and within your life, then they’re the right kind of thing. If it’s a difficult and uneasy fit then either it’s not right for you or it’s just not the right time.

If you can identify any of the difficult things in your life then take a deep breath, make the decision to either loosen the reigns on trying to force it and see what happens or take the bold move of just letting it go!

You’ll feel such a sense of relief and wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner.

Is it time to simplify your life?

Who's been your teacher today?

6 July 2017

I was thinking about teaching and teachers, the various modalities I’m qualified to teach and just how many of my family and friends are teachers.

The term ‘teacher’ doesn’t mean that you’re the only ones to impart knowledge. Think about how much knowledge you accumulate from the simple everyday interactions with the internet, the radio, books, friends, family, someone you got chatting to on the bus, colleagues, the person who served you your lunch.

It fascinates me to think of the shared network of knowledge our society is. You may have given someone some information which seemed like every day chat to you but may have completely changed their life direction!

We all learn from and teach each other in different ways. Big, small, fun, maybe even life changing lessons can come to us all from the most unexpected sources!

What does it mean to be grounded?

23 July 2017

Are you finding yourself more tired than usual? Easily distracted? Find yourself often daydreaming? Confused in your thinking? Is it difficult to make decisions? Are you continually distracted by past events or worried about the future?

If you’re any of these things it could be because you’re not fully grounded.

So what does “being grounded” mean?

It’s being fully conscious and present in the NOW. It helps you to be balanced, centred and aligned with all aspects of yourself. It helps you to react in a more considered way. It’s being aware and connected to the earth and the energies within it.

If something in you recoils at the idea of being more present then you might want to take a look at that. Why? What’s so scary about it? What’s the fear that’s attached to that?

What could this fear be blocking?

If you were to identify this fear, deal with it. Resolve it. Imagine what amazing things could then come into your life?

What could your life look and feel like without this fear?

So what can you do for yourself to be more grounded in your daily life?

Be aware of where you are, what’s going on around you. What does it feel, smell, sound, taste like? Take some time to consider these things when you feel you’re not quite present.

One meditative method you can use is it imagine channels of light leading down through your feet going down through the centre of the earth and connecting with the energy at the centre of the earth. Draw that energy back up through those channels of light into your feet, into your body and feel that connection, feel that flow of abundant energy flow through your body.

If you make conscious grounding a part of your daily practice it will become instinctive and intuitive helping you to be more present, more alert, more in charge of what’s going on in your life, help you make clearer choices which are in alignment with your true self and what makes you truly happy and feel more energised.

If you’d like some assistance in making this positive shift in your life then book a Theta Healing® session with me.

It's not just plants that need water!

26 July 2017

I often find myself telling my clients they need to drink more water to rehydrate their bodies as so many of us underestimate the importance of what water actually does for our bodies.

So why is this so important?

I’ve heard the fact that the average body is made up of around 65% water but what really stood out for me was the fact that our brains are made up of around 80% water! That’s a lot of water to keep topped up.

So what is it that water actually does for our bodies?

- It balances all of the bodies systems, the heart, brain, lungs, kidneys

- It lubricates the bodies muscles and connective tissues

- It helps regulate body temperature

- Is a natural shock absorber

- Flushes waste and toxins from the body

Just think that a 2% drop in body water levels can cause a small but effective shrinkage of the brain which then impairs your co-ordination, decreases levels of concentration, slows down your thinking and response times and can impair your memory recall.

So what else does being de-hydrated actually do to our bodies? It can cause you to feel more tired throughout the day. It will impair your liver and kidney function, can give you stomach and urinary tract issues and may mean an increased level and frequency of muscle cramps.

How you do you know you’re dehydrated?

- You many feel more tired than usual

- Maybe getting frequent headaches

- Dry skin

- Is your urine a dark colour? The lighter it is the more hydrated your body is

- Are you feeling hungry even though you feel you’ve eaten enough food? Often our          brains confuse being thirsty with being hungry

- Are you experiencing water retention?

Do you have water retention or high levels of fluid in your legs or abdomen? Oddly, drinking more water can actually reduce this. If our body feels it’s not getting enough water it will see this as a threat to our survival and basically collect it, saving every drop possible to stop us from “dying from thirst”, storing it up for when It’s needed. If this threat is eliminated, the body instinctively know that its water supply is plentiful and will then release the store of water it’s collected.

So how can we ensure we maintain a good level of hydration?

- Remember that by the time you’re thirsty, you’re actually already de-hydrated

- Avoid large amounts of caffeine in drinks such as tea and coffee as these are actually diuretics which draws water out of the body. Or you can try to have a glass of water at the same time as these drinks

- Be aware of certain medicines which may also have this effect

- Drink water before, during and after exercise

- Drink water first thing in the morning. This will re-hydrate your body after sleep and help cleanse the liver and kidneys after being dormant for those hours

- Keep a bottle of water with you throughout the day. If you find water a bit boring, try putting some fruit, fresh mint or cucumber in there.

Do you have shoulder pain or discomfort?

6 August 2017

If you’ve got shoulder issues then quite often it can be the subscapularis muscle that’s in need of some attention.

This is one of the deeper muscles which forms part of the rotator cuff family which basically hold the shoulder together. It covers then inside of your shoulder blade and sits underneath your lymph nodes.

Examples of a basic functions this muscle performs is reaching into your back pocket or doing up a bra strap.

If you focus your attention around your shoulder and consciously feel what parts of you get used when you gently move your arm from your shoulder you’ll become more aware that if you lift it to the side, you’re using muscles on the outside of your shoulder. If you draw it forward, it uses the muscles that lead into your chest. Draw it back and you engage more of the muscles at the muscles at the back of your shoulder. In the middle of all of these muscles is the subscapularis so it stands to reason that this muscle should be looked at for any shoulder issues but is often over looked. If any of the others aren’t moving freely and easily, this is probably going to get a bit stuck too and can unlock a lot or restricted movements in the shoulder.

I’m always amazed at how treating this muscle can often free up the whole shoulder area, increase range of motion and offer quick relief to any pain or discomfort.

If you feel you’re heading for a frozen shoulder, if you’ve had any shoulder or arm trauma and are feeling its movement restricted in any way it could be as straight forward as needing this muscle and area treated.

If you can identify with any of these issues and would like to book a massage session with me

Is it time to clear out your life?

19 August 2017

Are you stuck in habits or routines that no longer bring you joy?

Do you hold back in the relationships in your life?

Do you have past relationships you can’t quite move on from?

Do you have people in your life who make you feel amazing about yourself and support you?

As our homes sometimes need a “spring clean” or declutter, so do our personal lives.

If you let go of the things which aren’t serving you, it leaves room for new, positive, wonderful things to come in.

Which would you rather have, a wardrobe full of clothes which don’t fit you and make you feel awful about how you look or a wardrobe full of clothes that fit you wonderfully and make you feel great?

Would you rather have a life full of people who complain constantly, are more interested in talking about themselves and only have time for you when it suits them, or a life full of people who are fun, helpful, supportive, appreciate you for being you, have similar interests, who make you laugh and make you feel great?

It’s up to you.

Is it time to move forward?

Is it time to resolve why there’s issues in certain relationships that have problems?

Is it time to let go of the bad relationships?

Is it time to develop and seek out new relationships which bring out the best in you, enthuse you, support you, encourage you, take the time to listen to you and make you feel great?!?

It’s up to you.

Things you can do for yourself to declutter your personal life:

- Clear out the contacts in your phone. Are there people and places in there that you really won’t ever need to contact again or don’t wish to contact again? Just clear them from your contacts – create that space.

- Do you need to take up a new interest and meet similar minded people?

- Are there things in your home that remind you of people and of times it’s now time to move on from?

If you’d like some help figuring out some of these things, book a Theta Healing® session with me.

Our Virtues.....

26 August 2017

How important are they to us as individuals?

Do you “beat yourself up” feeling like you’ve let someone down with your decisions or actions when infact that other person hadn’t even given it a second thought? Is loyalty possibly a huge and important thing for you but not so much for others?

Each of us have different qualities and virtues in varying amounts. Some people have a high level of compassion which makes this aspect of human nature extremely important to them. For others it may be knowledge, communicating or living from a high level of truth or kindness?

None of these qualities are more important than another but what is important is to acknowledge what ours is. Acknowledging this as a hugely important part of us what makes us the special individuals we are and to respect that. Allow yourself to fully appreciate that not everyone has the same level of this virtue so value it in yourself.

It’s also important to acknowledge and respect what another person’s qualities are. This often relates to how they treat others, how they react, make decisions and can help you to understand or get on with them more easily.

Is there maybe someone at work who you don’t quite get on especially well with or a friend who has a tendency to drive you nuts. Would thinking about this aspect of them possibly help that relationship?

Do you know what your special qualities are? A few more to consider would be:

- Compassion

- Empathy

- Wisdom

- Courage

- Justice

- Curiosity

- Honesty

- Patience

Take some time to recognise what’s important to you, value it and respect it in yourself.

"I'm just a ...."

26 August 2017

I often hear people say, and am guilty of doing this in the past too, “I’m just a …..” then saying what they do as a job.


Why do we feel the need to instantly put ourselves down and apologise for not doing or being something we automatically assume others will value?

No one is “just” an anything. Anything and everything you do is important. End of.

Don’t de-value yourself.

Don’t judge yourself.

Don’t put yourself down.

If you’ve heard yourself say this, have a think about why this automatically comes out your mouth when you’re speaking about yourself.

Now if you come to realise that it’s because you’re deeply unhappy doing that job then that’s a different story, you need to change that!

Each of us are different. Doing different things brings each of us joy, fulfilment. While one person might be happy working in an office environment, another would be stifled and feel a lack of creativity. Whereas someone working outdoors may feel utter contentment at the end of a day, another may just feel tired and miserable. The variety of people we are and the different things we deem to be important are some of the things that make the world go round.

These kinds of jobs, everything in between, off to the side and outside the box is of value and is important.

So the next time you’re about to say “I’m just a …”, stop, change that. Everything you do is important.

It's ok to focus on you!

2 November 2017

How often do you say “It could be worse”, or “There's people worse off than me”?

Although it's great to look for the positive slant on what's going on, don't dismiss what's happening for you.

What's happening for you in your life, no matter how big or small, if it's causing you unhappiness or making you uncomfortable, it's important.

What's happening to you is always important.

Don't feel guilty about focusing on yourself.

You may be someone who devotes much of your time caring for or looking after others but remember, if you're not happy, content, healthy, then you won’t be functioning at your best, you’re not being all that you can be. You're not firing on all cylinders and possibly won't be doing as good a job of things as you'd like for yourself or anyone else.

So take some time to look after yourself, to care for yourself, maybe even allow someone else to care for you for 10 minutes, an hour, a day, a week. It's allowed! You deserve it. We all do.

If you were to look at yourself the way you'd look at another, what advice would you be giving them?

Scar tissue and it's effects.

2 December 2017

Do you have scar tissue? It might be external or internal, from surgery or some other form of trauma. Is it causing you discomfort, affecting your posture or reducing your range of motion?

Did you know that Myofascial Release (MFR) Massage can help you to reduce the physical effects of scars, help to eliminate symptoms and often reduce the visible appearance of scars?

What you see on the skin’s surface is only part of what’s going on with a scar.

Think of your skin as a piece of material that’s been sewn up, damaged or altered. What’s going on underneath?

Irregularities in one part of the skin tissue or internal tissue has a chain reaction effect on the rest of your body.

It’s all connected.

It may cause adhesions which is when internal tissue binds together in abnormal places and can cause extreme pain, discomfort or alter your posture. This is particularly common after surgery and in cases relating to the stomach, may affect the bowel.

Surface scars can also restrict the movement or sensations of the skin or again, affect your posture.

As long as your scar is at least 12 weeks into the healing process, there’s no time limit as to how old a scar can be to be treated. It may even be 10 or 20 years old.

MFR massage is a very gentle, hands on form of treatment which works on the connective tissue that lies underneath the skin and exists throughout the entirety of our bodies like an internal stocking.

An issue in one area can have a chain reaction effect on other parts of the body.

If you think a session with me could help you, please email me with any questions you may have [email protected]

One step at a time.

28 February 2018

All the small changes lead to the big changes.

Do you have an idea of where you want to be in life but don’t know how to get there?

Does it seem so far-fetched or so far removed from where you are now that you have no idea where to start?

Try taking a step back from the big picture and just think about that first step that would put you on that path. What’s that tiny thing you could do to start the ball rolling? Is it a phone call? Is it an internet search? Talking about your idea with a friend? Booking a course that gives you the knowledge, skills and connects you with like-minded others? Is it joining a new social group?

Take it one step at a time.

What’s going to make that energy come to life and start it moving?

Celebrate and congratulate yourself for taking that first step.

Remember, it’s all the little changes that lead to the big changes.

If you’d like some help with setting foot on this new path, book a Theta Healing® session with me either by Skype, phone or in person in Edinburgh or Shetland.

(Photo by Mikito Tateisi)

Request and response in dancing and in life...

22 March 2018

I’ve been thinking about the similarities between partnered dancing, our general approach to life and about communication and response in both.

In dance, an effective lead, rather than force you into a move, place or position, will offer up a suggestion within a movement of “would you like to do this?”

As a follow, you can choose to agree or not. You can agree fully, you can do the suggested move but with your own style or you can do something else entirely.

You may not respond in the way a lead intended simply because you didn’t receive a clear message of what was being asked – a miscommunication on either side.

This miscommunication can result in a breakdown of flow, creativity, enjoyment or you can approach is as “I didn’t understand. What could each of us do to make that clearer next time?”

I’ve been doing partnered swing dancing for a while now and can see the difference in how I respond to these different situations. Originally I took that miscommunication as a failure on my part to understand what was being asked, not necessarily considering that the miscommunication was from the other person. Now I clearly say “I didn’t understand what you wanted me to do there” or “show me that again to see if I get it”. I just have fun with the misunderstanding and go with it or we can both agree, it’s something that simply didn’t work but was still fun to try.

I started wondering how much this approach transfers into our request and response in life.

Do I take miscommunication as an automatic assumption that I’ve done something wrong? Do I allow myself to take a step back and look at how the situation was communicated? Do I allow myself to be open to another person’s intentions or requests and have I communicated my requests clearly?

Was each person involved allowing themselves to communicate in the best way?

Request and response can be interpreted differently depending on the base communication, tone, body language and spoken language.

Think of how we engage with others and how our actions may be interpreted. Is our communication clear? Is it being understood as we intended? Is there something we could do to present the information or request in a clearer way?

If I’m dancing with someone who’s smiling, having a giggle, having fun then I’m having fun!

If I’m dancing with someone who’s not engaging with me in any way, not smiling, not sending me clear signals, it makes for a very long uncomfortable dance.

It’s the same in life. I’m going to enjoy someone’s company if I feel they’re fully engaged and enjoying my company. I hope that this is what I communicate to others from my side too.

Basic human contact, the exchange of joy, fun and laughter.

Think about similar situations in your life where this may come into play. In your work life, your social life, family life. Might this way of looking at a situation or relationship change your reaction or interaction in some way?

Look at the communication style, request and response from both sides.

Could you be clearer or is there a respectful way to encourage another to communicate more clearly with you?

Just a thought.

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Results of Manifesting

27 March 2018

We all manifest on a day to day basis in our lives whether consciously or unconsciously.

We can wish or hope for things.

We can apply for jobs.

We can consciously meditate on specific things.

Once it’s out there, if it’s the right thing for us, it will come into our lives somehow, sometime.

However, do you always realise or recognise when these things you’ve been asking and hoping for actually arrive and become part of your life, that they’ve finally materialised?

If you think back over the past year about what you wanted to bring in, consider if it’s actually in your life now. It might not be in the way or form that you’d expected but it could well be there, just in a slightly unexpected and hopefully wonderfully exciting way.

Do a little comparison of then and now and take stock.

Manifesting can be instant, immediate, it can be gradual, it can be surprising!

If you’d like some help manifesting certain things into your life, book a ThetaHealing® session with me.

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Thank you!

18 April 2018

When someone serves you in say a shop or a café, it’s generally expected that you’ll say thank you.

But, is this an automatic response or, do you really  thank that person, actually take the time and effort to really mean it?

Next time, make the effort to actually look that person in the eye and connect with them when you say thank you.

You may be surprised at how it feels to you and that little extra effort and appreciation might just make that person’s day.

Facing our fears

18 April 2018

I’ve mentioned in quite a few of my posts about letting go of fear, making changes, doing what you really want to do.

To some that can initially sound really scary. It means really looking at ourselves, our lives, our choices and possibly making changes.

I’m the same as everyone else. I have fears, I have things about me I want to change for me to be happier. I could ignore all these things and carry on the way I am, have always been but, to me, that’s now the scary thing.

Why wouldn’t I want to change the things in my life that make me unhappy or uncomfortable. Why wouldn’t I want my life to be full of joy, fun, laughter and the things that make my soul sing?

Yes, it can be challenging at times but when I look at myself and my life before I started making these changes and now, there is no way I’d go back to being that person.

Facing your fears can be scary – but it can be life changing!

What kind of YOU do you want to be in a week, a month, a year?

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20 June 2018

Sometimes we may feel “I have no choice”.

Know that this is never really true.

We always have choice. It’s part of our free will.

There’s always another way.

By truly understanding that we have choice, just this knowing, can mean the situations we feel stuck in can feel completely different, can take on a completely new perspective.

Choose to take control of your life.

Choose to show up in your life.

Choose to take responsibility for what your life looks like.

Choose to live your life for you.

Or not, like it say, it’s your choice.

Scar Tissue - what you see is just the tip of the iceberg

10 July 2018

Did you know that surgical scars can have a long lasting effect on you physically, emotionally and mentally?

They can hold onto trauma and emotions you may not be aware of.

If you’re unable to touch a scar, are reluctant to reveal it to others or even look at it yourself then there’s an emotional attachment or trauma which hasn’t been resolved connected to either the procedure, diagnosis or a related issue.

You may experience restrictions in your physical range of motion or pain and discomfort at the scar site or another part of your body as a result of scar tissues creating abnormal tension.

Remember, what you see on the surface may only be the tip of the iceberg in terms of the effect it’s having on your body.

Issues can be from any form of procedure, having an appendix or gallbladder removed, investigative procedures, having a mole removed, a broken bone or ligament, a cesarean, hysterectomy, mastectomy.   All of these things can leave an individual impact on the body.

If you’d like to address possible issues related to a scar, regardless of how long you’ve had it, please do get in touch and ask what I could help you with.

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A New Phase...

17th February 2019

A lot of folk are moving into a new phase of life right now. This is an amazing, wonderful thing to happen but can feel awful while you’re in the process.

Are you feeling like new opportunities and connections are being presented to you but they feel way too scary to explore? Does something keep bringing it to your attention? Do you keep seeing signs pointing you in that direction but it feels just too uncomfortable to go there?

When you’re coming to the end of one phase of life it brings you to a point where there’s no going back. Behind you is the past that you’ve become used to, comfortable in. It may not be the place you wish for yourself to ultimately be in but that’s where you found yourself.

In front of you is the new future that awaits. It’s new, it’s unknown, you feel like you have no control over it and it’s scary.

You’re becoming squeezed into that tiny gap in between and that is not a comfortable place to be. It may force you to face up to issues you’ve been ignoring for years. Relationships may become strained. You may feel stressed, overwhelmed and challenged.

Take a deep breath and choose to deal with all of these things. Once they’re resolved, moving forward is so much easier. And just think what amazing things are waiting out there for you to experience and explore. 

These things are meant to be. The more you resist them, the more the universe is going to push.

The universe is putting these things in your path because they’re amazing opportunities for you. Opportunities to broaden horizons, to make new connections, to experience things you never thought would come your way.

Let’s all take that big step into a new and wonderful phase of life.

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What are the less obvious signs of stress?

7th July 2020

What are the less obvious signs of stress?

We’re all familiar I’m sure, of the usual signs of stress such as the feeling of being overwhelmed, not sleeping well, irritability but what about the sneaky signs? The ones we might not put together as us being under stress.

There could be individual signs, there could be a whole cycle of them running back to back, week to week, day to day. Over a prolonged phase of this, we may not know why our emotions, behaviours, thinking and physical selves are shifting through so many changes so rapidly and without obvious reason.

Our natural stress response is the fight or flight action. We experience a stressor, we deal with it, our system naturally calms down. But prolonged periods of stress can put us on an emotional rollercoaster. We’ll go through three stages of responding:

1. The Alarm, the stressor, the incident that starts it all

2. Resistance, the stage where we feel uncomfortable, angry, sad, overwhelmed

3. Exhaustion, we become depleted in the hormones our bodies use to recover from stress

These stages can either involve one, many, or all of the symptoms in a cycle.

Clearly, none of us want to be life our lives like this so below is a list of symptoms you may be experiencing. The purpose of this is simply to provide an explanation as to why you may be experiencing certain physical issues, mood swings, a lack of energy.

So what do you do if you feel you’re in this cycle? Acknowledging it is a great start. Take a look at what’s going on in your life that can or needs to change. Do you need to allow yourself more down time? Do you need to get back to your exercise that you’ve not done for a while? Do you need to start saying no to some things or other people’s requests? Is there a therapy session available right now your feel would help? Do you need a good catch up with that mate that makes you laugh?

Sneaky signs:

Feeling powerless

Feeling uncertain about everything

Feeling stuck

Feeling abandoned

Excessive worry or fear

Constant anger



Sleep pattern is off

Relationship issues


Always feeling tired

Everyone annoys you

Unusual skin issues

Difficulty concentrating

More aches and pains that normal

Changes in your appetite

Hair loss

Dramatic weight changes

Persistent headaches

A want to isolate yourself

Teeth grinding or clenching

Stomach issues

Our physical thoughts...

1st Sept 2020

As a body worker and a talking therapy worker, I’m always very aware of the connection between our thoughts and our bodies.

All the thoughts, feelings, emotions and reactions that you ignore, pretending aren’t there….. they don’t go away just because we don’t acknowledge them. They build up and they present in our reactions to life situations or in our physical selves. It’s their way of trying to get our attention.

They’re in the aches and pains you just woke up with. They’re in the sore heads you’ve been having a lot of lately. In the aching joints that you think might be because you’re getting older, the unexplained discomfort or pain no one can seem to give you a reason for.

Sometimes, we might distract ourselves with all the tests and trying all the meds hoping someone, maybe, gives you the reason.

What if the easier way was actually to stop ignoring it all and just deal with what your body is trying to tell you?

We’re not always the best at facing up to these things but it feels a heck of a lot better to deal with the issues and move forward in life without having to carry all that around.

If you’d like my assistance in giving this a go please do get in touch. Nothing you say in a session will offend me, nothing you say will be judged and who knows what far reaching benefits it could have on your life. It might just be easier than you think!

This is me and i'm amazing!

3 Nov 2020

Now who wouldn't want to feel like this?!!!

A therapy session doesn’t just have to identify what’s wrong.

It can also be amazing to find out what you’re good at. The characteristics that make you special. Your true nature. What makes you tick that you’ve perhaps not fully recongnised or honoured till now.

Join me on a journey into discovering who you truly are.

Why you process situations in the way that you do.

Why you’re passionate about issues that others possibly are not.

Why you’re drawn to a certain style or area of work life.

Why you choose to spend your time focused on the interests and hobbies that make you happy and how to do more of this in your life.

How to incorporate these things more fully into your day to day life in ways that are more aligned with you who you really are.

Akashic Record Readings

Make a change!

7 April 2021

We change all the time. We grow, we develop and we evolve.

Sometimes seamlessly. Sometimes with a bit of resistance or reluctance.

Sometimes we know there’s a need for change but it can feel like a big step we’re not sure we want to take.

If we ignore that feeling though, it will continue to linger. It’s in the back of your mind every day. It’s there as we go through the same daily routines that become less and less exciting, less enjoyable, fill you with less and less joy.

From time to time, we may benefit from re-visiting who we are and what we want out of life. What we want to experience. The things we put into place in perhaps our 20s may well not be the right fit for us in our 30s, 40s or 50s.

As we move through the seasons of our lives, as we discover more about ourselves, what would we like to change? What would make us happy now?

- How we want to live.

- Where we want to live.

- Is it time for a career change?

- What we wear.

- What ignites our passions?

- Maybe even how we experience love.

All of these things change over time.

They can feel like easy, exciting changes but they can also feel daunting.

If you’re struggling with the idea of change at any time, consider this. Imagine your life as it is, continuing for the next 10 years and beyond. What feelings does that bring for you?

Then imagine life after making the changes that are in the back of your mind. Now imagine your life 10 years down the line. How does that make you feel?

If you can feel a difference that you like, then it’s up to you. What can you do to start that ball rolling? No one else can make these changes for you however if you’d like a little help along the way, get in touch and we’ll get started on making those changes in your life to make it a better fit with who you are now.