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Taking care of your mental and spiritual self

Looking after yourself physically is obviously important but don’t forget about the rest of you. Your mental self, how you think, how you react, how you treat yourself.  Be in the best possible mind space to deal with the things life brings.

Music! Don’t underestimate the power of a great tune to lift your mood or get you motivated to doing things round the house.

Getting your physical energy moving is great but also keep that energy in your home fresh and moving. Maybe move a few things around. Get those DIY jobs done you’ve been meaning to do for years. Keep the windows open to allow lots of fresh air to circulate.  Create a space within your home that makes it feel more like a separate work space.  This could be as simple as turning a chair away from the TV to a window.

With this “event” we’re all experiencing, some of you are working in incredibly high pressure environments so make sure you’ve got someone to talk to or vent to.  Just saying things out loud can help be a release and a relief.

We’re all having to get creative with how we live our lives, finding new ways to work, new routines, new ways to communicate. 

 Make sure you find things in there that also bring you joy.

For all of us, this will bring up issues to the surface we maybe didn’t even know were there.  We may find ourselves being irritated by irrational things, be almost crippled by fear, worry about things we didn’t even think were an issue right now, find ourselves being short tempered and angry. You might want to try a form of therapy to address this. Many therapists already provide sessions online such as myself with ThetaHealing®.  As a little something that may help, I’ve included some things below called downloads.  To receive them, you don’t need to book a session, you don’t need to have had ThetaHealing before and you don’t even really need to know how it works, you’ll just know if you’d like to use them.  

I've also recorded a meditation for you at the bottom of the page.  The intention for this is to help you feel grounded, present and clear.


If you’ve had a ThetaHealing session then you’ll know what I mean by asking if you’d like a download. If you’re new to this modality then the term “download” is an energetic download that comes in from that big universal energy out there of information to the mind, body, spirit, conscious and subconscious self.

It’s like when you buy a new computer with no programmes, you download word then it always has word.

Our subconscious is like this. Sometimes we don’t have the truest understanding of something or life experiences mean we’ve not learned certain lessons, understandings, feelings.

For some issues, a download may be enough to bring this understanding, shift or change in. However, if you don’t feel a difference in how you feel about a situation there may be self-protection protocols in place within you which are blocking these changes. In a way, these beliefs, fears or programs feel like they’re keeping you safe but, they’re actually a bit confused in the best way to do that for you.


I’ve compiled a list of downloads to help with everything that’s going on around us just now. All you need to do is say “yes” out loud for each one you like the sound of and it’ll come in for you.

You might feel an energetic shift….. you might not. There’s no wrong or right here and you don’t have to have had ThetaHealing before for this to work for you.

If there’s anything in there that makes you feel fear, uncomfortable or uneasy, then this is often a sign of something deeper you could probably do with working on.  If this happens, you might want to consider booking a ThetaHealing session with me to address the issues, blocks and triggers.

All these downloads are on all levels, in all languages, in the highest and best way with ease and grace. What it feels like, that you are allowed this, are worthy and deserving of this and that it is in your life now:

I am worthy of having amazing health in this physical body.

My body knows how to stay healthy at all times free from toxins, disease or harmful bacteria.

My immune system is wonderfully healthy and functioning at its optimum level at all times.

I know that it’s ok to spend time and focus on myself free from guilt and free from isolation or being disconnected.

I know how to keep myself healthy, free from any illness, disease or condition teaching me this.

I know I’m allowed to put myself first.

It’s my choice of who, when and how to help others.

I allow my lungs to release any fear, grief or resentment that no longer serves me at this time.

I allow my body to release any fear, grief or resentment that no longer serves me at this time.

My lungs and my body know how to breathe in the breath of life and that they are safe to do this.

I have Creators perspective and understanding of being healthy.

My understanding of being healthy is the same as the Creators.

I am worthy and deserving of having perfect health.

I am healthy.

I allow myself to remain clear on what is going on globally whilst allowing myself to be safe, to feel safe, to understand all and have perspective on all from the highest level.

I know how to release myself from the drama and fear of others.

I know how to live and be safe, free from panic.

I know how to support and assist others if I choose to do so, free from taking on their fears.

I know how to live a life full of joy.

I know how to live a life free from guilt.

I know how to be and that I am safe, free from having to disconnect in any way or isolate in any way.

I am grateful to my body and my immune system for functioning perfectly, keeping me active, keeping me alert and helping me to live this amazing life with joy.

It’s possible and I know how to do what’s right for me now and all times whilst being respected, considerate, kind and courteous to others.

I know how to live free from feeling like I’m being denied and I know how to appreciate all that I have.

I know what it feels like to live without panic.

I know I’m worthy and deserving of living a life full of joy and happiness.

A ThetaHealing meditation for you

This is something you can access for a little bit of calm, some grounding, to clear your mind and clear your energy.

Make sure you wont be disturbed.  It'll only take just under 8 minutes of your time.

Be comfortable either lying down or seated, ideally seated with your feet on the floor.

Make sure your arms and legs are not crossed and do as often as you feel like.