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ThetaHealing® Technique

ThetaHealing is a powerful therapy which can have immediate and profound benefits.

It works on the subconscious level which affects our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

A treatment session takes the form of talking with me and working together to resolve whatever the issues are at that time.

This is a way to quickly get to the root of your issues and resolve them.  No need to cope with them or manage them anymore, no need to carry them around with you any longer.  

If you're ready to really change how your life looks, this is the session you want to book!

ThetaHealing® Technique

Here are a few examples of what Theta Healing can resolve:

- Illnesses and physical ailments or fear of them

- Releasing emotional and physical trauma

- Unexplained physical pain or discomfort

- Releasing negative behaviours and patterns

- Moving on from past relationships

- Letting go of resentments

- Travel Sickness

- Panic Attacks

- Pregnancy Issues

- Food issues

- Depression

- Asthma

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The list is endless so if you're wondering if ThetaHealing can help you, please do email me and ask.

Skype ThetaHealing sessions are also available. Please email me to arrange at [email protected] or use the contact form.

For further information on this therapy please visit

If you're interested in training in this modality or attending a talk, please visit the ThetaHealing courses page.

Taking care of your mental and spiritual self 2020

I've created a page with a few hints and tips which might help you right now with your mental and spiritual wellbeing. 

There's also a ThetaHealing meditation.

Please do take a look to see if there's something in there you might find useful.  

Click here to visit this page.