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Welcome to the start of your Theta Healing journey

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Whether you’re looking to be a Theta Healing practitioner or to use this technique as a tool for self-help, the Basic DNA course is where to start.


The Basic DNA class is a 3 day course which will introduce you to techniques to assist you in changing life patterns and  tune into your intuitive abilities and spiritual connection more clearly.

We use practical sessions to show you how to identify limiting beliefs, how to release them and how to replace them with positive beneficial beliefs.  

Just some of the things we’ll cover are:

          • Practicing the Theta Healing technique

          • Identify and resolve limiting subconscious beliefs

          • Group healings

          • Muscle testing

          • How to scan the body

          • Manifesting

          • Guardian Angels

          • Future reading

You will also be provided with the ThetaHealing Basic DNA book and manual.

This is a course which can genuinely change your life.  It clears old limiting ways of thinking or behaviors you've been holding on to.  It shows you how to tune into your intuition and understand it better.  How this modality can benefit you and others if you choose.  It can also bring the magic back into your life if you feel you've possibly not been able to feel it lately.  

It's quick, it's thorough and it creates permanent, positive changes in your life.

Advanced DNA

The follow up course is Theta Healing Advanced DNA

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The Advanced DNA is a 3 day class. You will expand on the skills and techniques you learned in the Basic DNA course as well as:

          • You will receive hundreds of life changing downloads

          • Clear old vows, commitments and resentments

          • Learn to heal the baby in the womb (clearing any issues around the time we’re in the womb)

          • Heal a broken soul

          • Explore the Planes of Existence

          • Learn how to connect with plants

You will also be provided with the ThetaHealing Advanced DNA book and manual.

Once you've felt the benefits of the basic course, this is the next step.  This course helps you develop those skills you learned in the basic and keeps on adding.   There's more fun to be had, more clearing to be done and more magic to find.

What our customers are saying

I have been fortunate to have trained under Vicky and am signed up to do Advanced DNA. The basic DNA has transformed my way of working. I feel as effective and efficient as I ever have. Clients have been able to work on things with out having to go over old ground and without any drama. I put that down to the way I have been taught. I recommend that if you have the opportunity take part in a course, you do it. Vicky is a wonderful teacher, willing to share her experience, encouragement and ensures you feel confident and have understood all your learnings, ready to put things into practice.

I also have had a few personal sessions with vicky from a distance and one to one. Each time These have offered me huge insights and resolve, immense healing in all aspects of my life. My life has changed. I have received instant healing and ongoing transformation that really gets to the root of things. I have tried numerous times in numerous ways to be able to tackle trauma I have experienced and I really feel that with theta it has really helped me where I have needed it most. Thank you so much vicky. Simply the best!!

Hannah - Scotland

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