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What's New?

Every now and then I find myself coming up with new ideas that I'd like to share with others and focus on so I decided to create a page where you can see what's new and on offer at any time that may peak your interest, that might speak to you or be helpful in some way because of what's going on in you life at the time.

Quite often we all experience similar issues at the same time.   We find when we speak to others that they're going through similar issues in their lives.  What I'll be offering on this page will be mostly focused sessions for that time or for that month.  

Please do keep an eye on this page, you never know when something will catch your interest.

Focus themes and offers for June 2022

This month’s first focus is communication and your words.

The words we speak now are being heard even more clearly than usual. When we speak, type, write, or use our body language, our intentions are being put out there into the world. Are you truly and honestly communicating what you want to or wish to?

Think about the stillness and quietness that comes when he ground is covered in deep snow. How the sound seems to intensify. How clear it is. Each step is clearly heard and sound seems to carry further than usual. Just as each step leaves a mark, so do our words.

Are your words considered or reactive? Are you allowing your words to be soft and gentle like snowfall or are you potentially creating an avalanche?

This month, the first focus session I’m offering is based around communication. We’ll look at why you maybe feel you are not able to express yourself freely or clearly. Why you may feel like you’re not being heard by others or taken seriously. If you feel you may be constantly misunderstood. We’ll take steps to understand what’s truly going on so that you feel heard, understood and valued for what you have to say and how you feel.

Contact me to book your session at [email protected]

Image by Justin Rosewell. 

Focus themes and offers for June 2022

This month’s second focus is new beginnings.

This month I’m offering a second focus session around bringing in the new. Summer is a time of renewal and fertility. A time of new beginnings. We’ll look at what’s waiting in the wings to come into your life and how to take those first steps into bringing it into your reality.

To book your session, please contact me at [email protected]

Image by Aaron Burden.

Focus theme and offer for May 2022

This month’s focus… is looking back at last month!

Dissatisfaction and distraction!

In April, the global energy may have been drawing your attention to focus on what you are dissatisfied with in your daily life. Have you been left feeling distracted and finding yourself looking at others wishing you had what they have?

Have you been feeling a lack of something in your own life? If so then I urge you to take some time to contemplate why you’re being shown this. Is it to show you that something in your life needs to change or is it in fact to draw your attention to recognise all the wonderfulness that is actually in your life already? Have you been taking it all for granted, all the wonderful people and things that you already have?

All of this can be connected to relationships, money, life experiences, opportunities, time, freedom, career or whatever comes to mind while you read this.

If you find that it that something needs to change and perhaps you’re feeling a lack of something I’m offering 2 different options this month.

1. A session where we look at identifying what it is that you are dissatisfied with and how you can move beyond feeling this way or living this way. This session is £70 and takes around 1 hour.

2. My wellness package titled “I wish I had more of something in my life”. This is a course where over 5 weeks we look at all aspects of why you feel this way, how you can change this and also identify the things you don’t need to change, rather change how you look at them.

Please contact me with questions or to book your session [email protected]

Image by Greg Rakozy.

Spring clean energy detox for March 2022

Spring clean Energy detox!

This month (in the Northern Hemisphere) we begin to move into spring. In fact, the official start to spring is the 20th of March. We’re beginning to make more plans and get outside more. Our schedules change, what we wear changes and for some, we may feel the need to clear out the old to make way for the new. There’s all the usual ways to do this like clearing out cupboards, wardrobes, paperwork but had you thought about an energy detox?

Our energy can get cluttered and a bit congested with the old too. Sometimes it needs a good clear out and refresh. Think about how that might feel for a moment. More space to breath, being able to think and see through choices and decisions more clearly without the past getting in the way. Perhaps an actual boost of energy since we’re no longer wasting our energy on the clutter that’s been hanging around.

This month I’m offering an energetic detox session. We’ll look at releasing attachments to past situations, people, trauma or experiences that are ready to go. Clear, balance and align your chakras (focused energy points in the body). Perhaps look at what you’re ready to move on from in your life and what you’re ready to move into.

This session will be online for around 1 hour and is an investment of £70.

Email me to set book your session and move into spring clearer, refreshed, ready and excited for what’s to come.

[email protected]

(Photo by Arno Smit)

Focus theme and offer for February 2022

Boundaries, respect and honour.

Are you feeling like people aren’t respecting your boundaries? Are you feeling like people are possibly taking advantage of you or that you have to defend yourself and ready yourself for battle?

What do I mean by the term ‘boundaries’? It’s about how you allow others to treat you. It’s about feeling there’s a healthy balance to how much you give and how much you receive. Having others treat you with respect and by knowing that you are worthy of being treated with respect and with honour.

When others overstep our boundaries, we can feel threatened, perhaps like we’re under attack and may react in a way we wouldn’t normally. This can also fall into the realm of what you feel your self-worth to be. How worthy you see yourself to be and not wanting to disappoint others.

Know that we are all worthy and deserving of being treated with respect and honour whether that’s by ourselves or by others. The more we believe and recognise this, the more we will treat ourselves in this way and the more others will be automatically be aware of and respect our boundaries.

This month I’ll be offering a special ThetaHealing® session focused on helping us understand our true value, on setting healthy boundaries with others and help us to remember, see and recognise all the wonderful things we can experience when we have a clearer outlook on these aspects.

This will be an online session. Please allow around 1 hour and cost is £70.

If you’d like to book a session, please email me to arrange.

For more information on the ThetaHealing technique please visit my ThetaHealing page.

(Photo by Kevin Butz)

New Book!

I'm super excited to share the news that I have published a book!

‘Finding The Joy In Authenticity’ is about getting to the bottom of who we are and celebrating that.  About being authentic about who we are and the benefits that can bring to us. To help us think about who we are, what we like about ourselves, what we can learn to accept about who we are and identifying the things we might like to change in our lives.

There are some exercises to help you begin to think about all of this and hopefully some words to perhaps inspire you into acceptance and into action.

I hope you enjoy this book and that it can be a positive tool in your day to day life.

You can purchase a copy from Amazon in 9 countries so just search my name and there I’ll be!

If you’d like a copy but are unable to purchase it in your country, please do message me and I’ll send you a copy directly for the purchase price plus postage.

Just click here to order your copy today.  





As ongoing work, I offer support sessions for times when people feel the need of a little support to move through aspects of change in their lives. Any times of change, those bigger life shifts and times of transition.

Session content and frequency are adaptable to suit you for the time you feel you’ll benefit from working with me.

Investment is £70 per session.