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What's New?

Every now and then I find myself coming up with new ideas that I'd like to share with others and focus on so I decided to create a page where you can see what's new and on offer at any time that may peak your interest, that might speak to you or be helpful in some way because of what's going on in you life at the time.

Quite often we all experience similar issues at the same time.   We find when we speak to others that they're going through similar issues in their lives.  What I'll be offering on this page will be mostly focused sessions for that time or for that month.  

Please do keep an eye on this page, you never know when something will catch your interest.





As ongoing work, I offer support sessions for times when people feel the need of a little support to move through aspects of change in their lives. Any times of change, those bigger life shifts and times of transition.

Session content and frequency are adaptable to suit you for the time you feel you’ll benefit from working with me.

Investment is £70 per session. 

New Book!

I'm super excited to share the news that I have published a book!

‘Finding The Joy In Authenticity’ is about getting to the bottom of who we are and celebrating that.  About being authentic about who we are and the benefits that can bring to us. To help us think about who we are, what we like about ourselves, what we can learn to accept about who we are and identifying the things we might like to change in our lives.

There are some exercises to help you begin to think about all of this and hopefully some words to perhaps inspire you into acceptance and into action.

I hope you enjoy this book and that it can be a positive tool in your day to day life.

You can purchase a copy from Amazon in 9 countries so just search my name and there I’ll be!

If you’d like a copy but are unable to purchase it in your country, please do message me and I’ll send you a copy directly for the purchase price plus postage.

Just click here to order your copy today.