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Akashic Record Readings

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It's all about getting you back to the real you, literally bringing your soul back into realignment with your true Divinity, the choices that make your individual soul happy and making this human experience the best it can be.

Why would I need an Akashic Record Reading?

• Do you wonder why you repeat negative patterns in your life that don’t serve you?

• Do you ever feel “stuck”, unable to change the circumstances in your life?

• Do you feel you’ve lost control of your life and want that control back?

• Would you like your property cleared of negative energies?

• Do you suffer from night terrors?

Or because you want to:

• Know and recognise what your true core characteristics are and to know that’s ok to

acknowledge them as what makes you the special individual that you are?

• Have insights and information in regards to your spirit guides

• Get advice on how to change specific negative patterns in your life for the better

• Clear your energy from past experiences and relationships you’d like to move on from

I can assist you with these things by accessing your Akashic Record which is an energetic ledger of every choice you’ve ever made from the very beginning of you existing as a soul.

Throughout time, you may have made certain choices which have served you at the time, whether that be in this life-time or another. However, the consequences of that choice which may still be playing out in your life no longer serve you. Just think how good it would feel to have that cleared. By clearing the blocks and restrictions which these choices have created, it puts you back in control of your life in the here and now. You don’t have to have a specific issue, it can simply be that you’d like to clear your energies and negative patterns.

What do you need to do to have an Akashic Record reading?

Please contact me using the form at the bottom of this page with a few basic details about yourself. This will allow me to access and identify your personal Akashic Record in advance of your session. I will then contact you to schedule an appointment to present your reading to you. This will either be in person, by Skype or telephone and will take up to 1 hour.

During this session I will provide you with all the information I’ve gathered in relation to any specific issues you may have identified or the general blocks and restrictions in your life and offer advice on how to actively make changes to your choices and behaviours. I’ll also help you to recognise the qualities and gifts you bring into this life as the amazing individual that you are.

In person appointments are available in Edinburgh, Scotland and Shetland Isles, Scotland.

What happens next?

Once I've presented your reading to you, I’ll send you written record of the main points and possibly some assertive action to take. It’s not much but it is an important part of your participation in the conscious decision to make these clearings and changes in your life.

How many readings will I need?

Every person is different. One session may be all you want or need. You may want another reading after some time to clear new issues which may surface or you may feel the need for a follow up session if you think you’re not quite allowing yourself to let some things go or feeling a bit unbalanced. If you’ve made the decision to make these changes then you’re ready and want things to change, your energy might just need that extra little help to do this.

During a follow up session I’ll talk to you about your concerns and quickly resolve any issues.

Why would I need a property clearing?

Some examples of why would be if the land had a previous use or history that you're aware of, if you've moved into a new property, if there are areas in the property which feel uncomfortable to you, If you're having trouble sleeping, if you're unable to sell your property or if your workplace isn't attracting the right clientele or level of business you'd expect.

You can request a property clearing for any property you have energetic ownership of such as your home, the room you rent, your office / workspace, your place of business, the hotel room you're staying in.

If you've recently had a Soul Realignment session or have been working on your spiritual wellbeing, you will have raised your spiritual vibration. Your home can sometimes take a bit of time to catch up, this can help it along and give it that clearing that will assist you in making the life changes your chosen to make.

Contact Me For a Reading

If you'd like an Akashic Record reading, please provide me with the following information.

Please note that any information provided will be held on this business email database and at no time shared with any third party.

Once I've received your information form and a session date has been arranged, a payment request will be arranged.

This information is required in order to access your record
This information is required in order to access your record
This information is required in order to access your record
Please provide your date of birth. This information is required in order to access your record
I am requesting an Akashic Record Reading
I am requesting an Akashic Record Reading and Property Clearing
I would like a Property Clearing Only
- I own and live in this property - I rent this property with a partner - I rent a room in this property with others - This is my workplace
More detail can be given on this issue at the next stage
- Skype - Telephone - In person in Edinburgh
This just helps me know what time zone you're in if we are exchanging your reading by skype or phone
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