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Welcome to Vicky McMurray Therapies

I am a Holistic Therapist who offers a variety of therapies and modalities aimed at the ease of pain and discomfort in the mind, body and spirit whether it's a physical, emotional, spiritual or life issue.

My practice is based in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Skype sessions are also available for certain therapies.

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A massage session will focus on relieving pain and discomfort, helping you feel more comfortable within yourself by dealing with daily aches and pains of muscle over use, structural issues, trauma or chronic pain by utilizing a variety of advanced pain relief techniques.

(Not currently available)

ThetaHealing is a powerful therapy which can have immediate and profound benefits and results.

By working on the subconscious we can address the things which affect our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Clear any blocks and restrictions, clear negative beliefs and thought patterns and fears.

Your Akashic Record is an energetic record of every choice you’ve ever made from the very beginning of you existing as a soul.

Find out who you truly are.  Put yourself back in control of your life.  Clear the blocks and restrictions which are stopping you from leading the life you feel you want to.  Level up your spiritual development. 

Would you like to feel empowered in changing and creating your own reality? Over 5 weeks we’ll explore what’s going on with you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Resolve blocks, restrictions and shine a light on who you truly are.

‘Finding The Joy In Authenticity’ is my book about getting to the bottom of who we are and celebrating that.

"I had a problem with my IT band & left knee for weeks which rest and exercises from the physio hadn't resolved. Vicky managed to ease the tension, release the muscles, reduce inflammation via a therapeutic massage session so much so it enabled me to get back into my training regime for the marathon relay within just a couple of days and ran a 10k today without difficulty. I can't recommend Vicky highly enough. Thanks so much"


Kate, Portobello, Scotland

"I've recommended Vicky to many of friends for massage and healing..

I feel very grateful I found Vicky when I first moved to Edinburgh. As she has helped me through many of situations in my life

I find Vicky welcoming comfortable and safe. I always leave the session feeling cleared aligned and re centred.

I wouldn't ever hesitate to recommend her expertise."


Elyse, Scotland

"Last week I returned to look again at my Akashic record reading from Vicky. I find it a very useful reminder. It always feels very familiar and deeply resonant with aspects of myself. It reminds me of areas that I feel more connected with, to work on. Having the reading done was a combination of coming home to myself and helping the process of self-acceptance. It was eye-opening and accurate. That's an accurate that I 'knew' deep down, which is the beauty of this reading. Vicky gives the information to you in a very caring, impartial way. She explains very clearly any questions you may have and you feel as if she has given it her full attention and interest, which is what you really want to feel with something of such individual importance. A great tool for guidance now and into the future. Thank you."


Nancy, Edinburgh